Why Choose Nextacloud for Mobile App Development?

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    Experience & Dedicated Team

    Having a collective of 4 years experience and expertise in Enterprise, E-commerce and custom mobile application solutions, we assemble a specialised team, before every project to best fit your project requirements to ensure work scope and timely delivery.

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    Complete Solutions

    Apart from development, as part of process, we at Nextacloud provide on-going support for mobile applications which inlcudes regular amintenance and updates to ensure the app is working and up to engage with new and existing user.

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    Lean Development phase

    We understand that development is a dynamic process and anticipating each and every scenario that might occur during development is impossible. However, with the years of expertise in this domain, with presence and experience in our team, we can assure that our development methodologies ensure delivery of the mobile application is of high quality at all times.

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    Competitive Pricing

    When looking for mobile application in accordance with the requested time period delivery, our services offer a highly cost-effective and reliable pricing to ensure our clients receive the highest return for their investments  with a feature-complete mobile app ready to be delivered according to the timeline.

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    Seamless Process & Transparency

    From regular email updates, daily status reports, and even onsite visits if necessary, our dedicated project managers ensure you are always kept within the loop during each and every stage of the product development cycle. As a result, the final build of the mobile application is always as per your requirements.

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    QA & Testing

    Validation, system, functional & inter-operational testing specialists are available to ensure smooth and fail-free operation.



Business today cross borders and regions, so you need a service provider that goes where you are. We have the infrastructure to provide the services you need, when and where you need them.

Why choose us


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    Customer Service

    We provide around-the-clock support depending on our clients’ needs, providing solutions to issues and take necessary actions to attend and resolve issues that they may face.

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    We are committed to deliver outstanding, cutting edge IT solutions that add real value and increase productivity that goes beyond what is expected.

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    Within over 5 years of IT Development and project management we are equipped with vast experience in a wide spectrum of technologies, industries, and application types.

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    Business Analysis

    We design, evaluate and justify our solutions based on analysis of clients’ process flow and in-depth understanding of the business benefit for the client.

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    Complete Package

    We handle all aspects of your IT needs from setting up, design, and development to maintenance and support after delivery of the IT solution.

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    Digital Transformation

    We help clients go through digital transformation to take their current business operations and process flow to increase productivity and efficiency to the next level.

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